Travel with us into the Latin community February 5th at 11 PM! 

TAMPA, FL (January 27th, 2016) - TBAE Network brings the Latin flavor with its new television program “Licencia Para Divertirse”, premiring Friday, February 5th at 11:00 PM.

Every city has a Latin community and this new series will bring you the entertainment and culture of that community. "Licencia para Divertirse" is a magazine style show that will feature diverse stories about the most delicious restaurants, best places to visit, events to attend, and the latest news in the medical field. The show will also include interviews of famous singers, nightlife business owners, and stakeholders in the community. 

Tampa Bay Art & Education Network (TBAE) is proud to partner with Vanessa Cahuas to bring this Spanish program straight to you. Hosted by Cahuas, who is a graduate from University of South Florida in Mass Communications, has become a well-known television personality in the Latin community. She started her career producing “Bridge to Fame” a TV show that won 2 Golden Cassette Video Awards. She then produced and hosted “Prohibido Aburriese” a tv show that aired on Telemundo. Continuing her career, she worked with varies television stations throughout Tampa such as Channel 28 ABC and WUSF. Most recently, Cahuas opened her own production house called Licencia para Divertirse, which produces this show as well as all other video productions and advertising.

“We want the Latin community to feel comfortable in Tampa Bay by giving them a direct connection with the businesses and culture,” says Cahuas. “And not only just here in Tampa Bay, but around the world.”

Join Vanessa Cahuas as she brings to you into this exciting world of Latin culture. All of the programs will be available in Hillsborough County on Bright House 635 and Verizon 32 and online at TBAE.NET.

“Tampa Bay has a wonderful Latin community,” said Ann Goldenberg, Chief Executive Officer of TBAE, “and we are thrilled to partner with Vanessa Cahuas so we can let the world know just how special Tampa Bay is.”

Click here more information on Licencia para Divertise or check them out on Facebook.