This Saturday, December 9th, TBAE Network presents The Neighborhood - The Whole Shebang at 9 PM on Spectrum 635 and Frontier FiOS 32!

The Whole Shebang consists of comedic short films exploring a Sarasota neighborhood lead to strange yet humorous takes on the familiar characters you might see in your own neighborhood. This program is a series of 13 interconnected short films set in the Neighborhood universe, played together for a feature film experience.




Films include: 
"Wake Up!"
"The Sit"
"On My Way"
"The Show"
"The Support"
"The Siesta"
"Ones of a Kind"
"The Delivery"
"The Song"
"The Traditions"
"The Sickness"
"The Catch"

Cast: Kristen Bott, Carmen Ciricillo, Kagen Ellinwood, Keith Fouche, Courtney Gostkowski, Dylan H. Jones, Michelle Lagerholm, Sherrie McKinley, Leon Salem, Rory Smith, Katelyn Studer, Mark Troy, Steve Warren, Cora Ann Williams and many more!

Crew: Directors: John Lagerholm, Rory Smith, Austin McKinley; Writers: John Lagerholm, Rory Smith, Courtney Gostkowski; Producers: John Lagerholm, Rory Smith, Heath Jordan, Sherrie McKinley, Katelyn Studer; Composer: Sean Daniel