Please join us on August 5th to celebrate those filmmakers who won a Laurel of Excellance Award.

Tampa Bay Arts & Education Network has an online showcase that is world-wide for filmmakers to submit their work to TBAE Network. 


TBAE Network has genre's created for everyday of the week and we are looking for original artistic, cultural, educational, musical, historical, and environmental films or videos to showcase in the Tampa Bay area. All fiction and non-fiction are welcomed for consideration. Although TBAE's Film Showcase event is in June, films and videos will be reviewed after each deadline for broadcast scheduling. 

Films include animations, lectures, shorts, features, documentaries, and children's programming. Videos include Public Service Announcement's (PSA), Explainer/Tutorial Videos, Music Videos, and Culture Videos. All submissions must be rated G, PG, or PG-13, which means NO F*** BOMBS, or NUDITY (unless used artistically). 

Once accepted, films or videos will have to be provided via Vimeo downloadable link, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

If you are seeking an audience or exposure of your film or videos, TBAE Network has an audience of 1.3 million viewers. We are a 24 hour, 7 days a week, commercial free television station that is looking for excellence in programming.  

The upcoming showcase will open SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2017 through MAY 30TH, 2018 


2016-2017 SHOWCASE

The showcase will begin on Saturday, August 5th. Films will be air every Saturday for the entire month. 


Madagascar’s Scars Camille Wainer

Trail Chat: Survival Techniques

Martinho Ribeiro

Mindset: Electricity Dana Burman

Just Saying: Fish Ladders

Corinn James

Scooter Girl

Cindy Lodice

Oh, The Effing Horror

Justin T. Bowler

Don’t Get Tagged

Jermiah Victor

The Call From the Sea

Taylor McNulty

Neolithic Patchwork Quilt

Paul Heary

The Shattered Mind

Ann Marie Jade Bryan

Jane and the House of Miracles

Brendan Kelly

Come Together

Peter Ricq

Save Gangamaya

Gopal Shivakoti

The 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival Closing Ceremony

Lin Zhenyu


Mark Olsen


Nathan Brewer

Mike's Girl: Our Life with Huntington’s Disease

Aaron Marinel

Endgame Alex Moore

Stone on Stone

Mohsen Serajian

The Truth About Flint

Damon Jamal

A Silent Marriage 

Felicia McNair

Among The Dead

Isreal Gual
The Legion Of Grads Kevin Duda
Gingerbread House VP Boyle

The Ghosts of Ethan Dean

Chad Larabee
Sequins Dale Fabrigar

The Smartphone Hacker

Ram Saandal

Changing Education from the Inside Out

Meghan Shea & Michael Rogers

The Courthouse Dog

Joshua Santos

I Am Hope Antonino Fabiano

Project C.U.R.E: My Giving Story from Dallas to Etiophia

Liyu Gerescu
Like a Rainbow  Max Nardari 


Louis Barbarelli