This Saturday, TBAE presents Hillsborough County student films on Filmmaker Spotlight, starting at 8 PM.

TBAE is proud to present Filmmaker Spotlight! Get a behind the scenes look at the Gasparilla International Film Festival award winning films featuring students of Hillsborough County Public Schools. 

These episodes will highlight the effort and talent these students put into their films. You will be amazed at the quality of work coming out of our local schools and learn to truly appreciate the value of artistic programs such as these. Filmmaker Spotlight will feature student made films as well as interviews with students who experienced roles as directors, actors, cinematographers, video editors,etc to produce award winning short films. Stay tuned!


7/8/17 8:00 PM Teachers at Blake High School
7/8/17 8:07 PM A Period Piece
7/8/17 8:18 PM Dr Hill
7/8/17 8:30 PM Get Out
7/8/17 8:40 PM Idiot Button
7/8/17 8:47 PM Impact of the Arts
7/8/17 9:00 PM Aaron Walker, University of Tampa
7/8/17 9:06 PM Manic
7/8/17 9:18 PM

One Last Time

7/8/17 9:27 PM Restart
7/8/17 9:38 PM Safe Place
7/8/17 9:55 Eric Born, AMC Theatres