What can the animal kingdom teach us about being a leader?  Julie C. Henry explains on another NEW episode of  "Evening Tide Talks at The Florida Aquarium."

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect day by the water. Feel the sand between your toes, or the boat rocking gently back and forth. Now take a deep breath and jump! Feel the water surround you and open your eyes to see the beauty of the sea in front of you. Then you sense a presence, you're not alone. There's a shark heading your way! Most would find this to be alarming and would panic to get out of the water because our assumptions about sharks evoke emotions of fear within us.

In this episode of Evening Tide Talks at The Florida Aquarium, Julie C. Henry explores the concept of how the animal kingdom can teach us about leadership in our every day lives. Have you ever heard of someone being referred to as a shark?  People or leaders who are assumed to be overly aggressive may have reasons behind their actions that is integral to the entire success of the community.  In this lecture, learn how to lead differently and discover what your niche is in the world.