Catch the latest edition of "Spotlight on Seniors" and find out what's ahead for some of Hillsborough County's brightest graduating seniors.

Spotlight on Seniors is a show produced by Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) showcasing seniors throughout our county and their post secondary choices and opportunities. TBAE is committed to premiering programs that display local successes and events, and in this way, airing such a program is a no-brainer! The successes these seniors have within Hillsborough County extend across many diverse platforms, and will continually benfit our community for years to come. The show highlights the accomplishments of the students and how those milestones have led to a wealth of opportunities from acceptance to Harvard to a career in the military. Spotlight on Seniors shine a light on the successes of HCPS students and how well the district has prepared them for life after high school!

TBAE loves to see the impact these seniors are having on our local community, and are more than honored to showcase their accomplishments at the following air dates:


5/20   12:00 PM
5/21   9:00 AM
5/21   6:34 PM
5/22   11:34 PM
5/22   2:30 PM
5/22   6:34 PM
5/22   8:00 PM
5/24   2:30 PM
5/24   7:30 PM
5/25    5:00 PM
5/25   7:30 PM
5/26   5:00 PM
5/26   7:30 PM
5/27   5:00 PM
5/27   7:30 PM
5/28   9:30 AM
5/28   2:30 PM
5/29   Immediately following HCSB Replay
5/29   2:30 PM
5/30   5:00 PM
5/30   7:30 PM