logoTBAE Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1987 to present exceptional artistic, cultural and educational programs on Tampa Bay’s cable channels. Its purpose is to encourage the pursuit of intellectual achievement and the joy of learning. The Tampa Bay Arts & Education Channel can be found on Charter Spectrum channel 636 and Frontier FiOS channel 34.

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Since its humble beginning in the back of the library of the University of Tampa, TBAE has grown into an important local presenter of humanities and science programming. TBAE also produces original television programming about our local arts, culture and history. With commercial-free, all-technology access, TBAE provides exciting, interesting and compelling intellectual programs, curated with care for YOU.

tampa wideWorking closely with community education and cultural organizations, the TBAE Network has built a solid reputation as a dependable and cost effective way to provide practical educational programs to help the citizens of Tampa Bay and beyond achieve their educational and intellectual goals.

Understanding the events in our world allows you to make decisions on how to participate in, preserve and protect the wonderful things that make Tampa Bay special.  When you invest your time and support in our educational efforts, you are also investing in learning what you can do to help keep our town great.

TBAE Network Board of Directors

Chuck Mann, Chair
Sandy Kamen
Bill Mitchell
Vincent Jones
Debbi Stone

TBAE Network Staff 

G. Scott Maiden, President & CEO
Jessica Sturges, Director of Business & Development
Glenda Maiden, Director of Programming & Production
Laurentz Gilmore, Production & Programming Coordinator

The Tampa Bay Arts & Education Network is carried on both major cable systems in Hillsborough County, Florida. 

spectrum channels

Channels 635 and 636

FIOS channels

Channels 32 and 34