Relive your memories of growing up in Tampa, the way Tampa used to be!  Be sure to tune in to the The Tampa Natives Show each week. It's the only show of its kind anywhere!

“The Tampa Natives Show”, a television series, launched in September of 2010 with Tampa Native himself, Mario Núñez. “We had a computer open in front of us the entire show and would read the memories posted on Facebook,” said a proud Steve Cannella. “It was fantastic.”

“We are proud to say that the show is back on the airwaves, partnering with TBAE Network,” said Núñez.

Now Tampa Natives fans can have their fill from the “Best of Tampa Natives Show” archive.  Join host Mario Núñez, Steve Cannella and the 15 minute girl, Sally Núñez as viewers call in to their relive memories of growing up in Tampa!

The Tampa Natives Show Episodes