If you missed any of the "Characters of Ybor City," episodes don't dismay!  This Christmas Eve, TBAE will replay the whole series!

Beginning 9 AM - 2 PM and repeating on 5 PM - 10 PM.  An encore replay is also scheduled for Sunday, December 30th.  Don't miss your last chance of the year to spend some time with our local historians and a few of the characters of Ybor City who helped shaped this town into what it is today.  


Wednesday, 12/24/13 & Sunday, 12/29/13

9:00 AM


5:00 PM   

 charthumb avellanal

CHARACTER:  José Luis Avellanal
GUEST SPEAKER:  Gary Mormino
José Ramon Avellanal’s colorful life experiences which included medicine, ministering and diploma mills.

10:00 AM


6:00 PM

 charthumb rodriguez

CHARACTER:  Francisco Aristides Rodriguez
GUEST SPEAKER:  Susan Greenbaum
Francisco Aristides Rodriguez who was a vigorous and brave activist for the cause of black Cubans during the civil rights era.

10:45 AM 


6:45 PM

 charthumb pizzo CHARACTER:  Tony Pizzo
GUEST SPEAKERS:  Paul & Anthony Pizzo
"Tony" Pizzo’s lifelong leadership in the Latin community culminating in the creation of the Tampa Historical Society and 80 commemorative markers in Ybor City. 

11:25 AM 


7:25 PM

 charthumb manteiga

CHARACTER:  Roland Manteiga
GUEST SPEAKER:  Patrick Manteiga
Roland Manteiga, who chronicled events and politics that shaped Tampa and Ybor City through his weekly column, “As We Heard It.”

12:00 PM


8:00 PM

 charthumb knapp

CHARACTER:  Albert Knapp "Abispo Verdi"
GUEST SPEAKER:  Jack Fernandez
Abispo Verdi, Tampa’s own superhero, fought corruption with anonymous manifestos stamped only with the image of a Green Hornet.

12:55 PM


8:55 PM

 charthumb gonzmart

CHARACTER:  Hernandez/Gonzmart Family, Columbia Restaurant History
GUEST SPEAKER:  Richard Gonzmart
Richard Gonzmart tells a generational tale of growing the Columbia Restaurant from a small café to the world-famous restaurant synonymous with Tampa’s Latin roots.