Last night over 50 people came for a little holiday cheer and to help celebrate TBAE Network’s donors and supporters who helped make 2013 such a successful year.

“Tonight is about honoring our donors. It is such a joy to honor our donors because they make a wonderful difference in Tampa Bay. Each one is committed to the cause of improving Tampa Bay’s cultural richness and experiences. They are the reason we are able to show such high-quality programs all year,” said Chuck Mann, TBAE Network President.

Mel and Marsha Fader of Sun City have been TBAE supporters for years and have a special hotline to G. Scott Maiden, TBAE Director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering. They let Scott know if there are any problems with the Classic Arts Showcase, their favorite program on the channel. It is the dedication of supporters like this that makes TBAE so special. Ms. Sylvie Burney, another long standing TBAE Network donor, loves the Classic Arts Showcase. She hates missing the program when she is traveling throughout the year; however, was excited to hear that TBAE’s new website will allow her to watch many of the other original series.

“I am excited to provide our viewers with TBAE’s original library. With the new website, if you have missed a series, you can stream to any internet ready device. Series such as Characters of Ybor City, Turning Points in British History, and Evening Tide Talks, are just a few that will be available at the touch of your fingers,” said G. Scott Maiden.

"Willow Avenue Studios was really proud to showcase the state of the art studio. We love that people get excited about all the work that we do," said Jen Persons, Operations Manager of Willow Avenue Studios.

Thank you all for such generous support!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!