Lemurs of Madagascar, the stars of tonight's episode of "Evening Tide Talks The Florida Aquarium." 8:00 PM on TBAE!


Charlie Welch worked and lived in Madagascar with his wife, Andrea Katz. Discover one of the “hottest of biodiversity hotspots” on the planet. Geographically isolated for 150+ million years and home to a stunning array of plant and animal species. Disappearing forests lead to extinction for both plant and animal species. Charlie explains the conservation efforts through Duke Lemur Center-SAVA Conservation (SAVA: SambavaAndapa-Vohemar-Antalaha region of northeastern Madagascar) and how it works with community-based activities and forest habitat protection.

This Wednesday, APRIL 27th at 8:00 PM only on TBAE, Brighthouse 635 & Frontier 32.