Do want your film on TBAE?

Tampa, FL - Pass the popcorn! The Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival was held December 3rd through December 6th at Britton 8 Movie Theater. The film festival celebrates and supports filmmakers both local and around the world. 

“There’s so much creativity around here,” said Domonic Smith, a local filmmaker. “A lot of people always complain about how Hollywood is regurgitating everything right now. So if anything, that’s why you should support local filmmaking.”

The festival’s purpose was to give the filmmakers, cast and crew the opportunity to watch their film on the silver screen. There were a variety of genres at the festival this year. A short list includes drama, comedy, crime, adventure, romance, children’s and animation. Filmmakers came from as close as Tampa and as far away as Scotland.

We asked some of the filmmakers why they chose Tampa as their filming location and we received the same two answers: it’s convenient and cost friendly. Unknown to most people, Tampa is one of the leading film cities for the independent film industries. 

“I live in Tampa,” said David Melendez, a local film producer. “So I decided just for practical reasons to shoot here.”

The highlight of the festival was the awards ceremony and the winners took home a “Buffy” award.  Categories spanned from Best Florida Film, Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Musical Score and Best Documentary. The festival’s biggest winner was Domonic Smith and his film 'Reset' that had a total of seven nominations and four wins including Audience Choice for Short Film.

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