The senior choreographers will be producing a show title "Harmonious Epilogue".

The Howard W. Blake High School Dance Department recently traveled to the University of Wisconsin in Madison to participate in the 2017 Regional High School Dance Festival. This event provided 4 days of networking, performance, and auditioning opportunities for the students.  For the first time in the department’s history, all pieces of choreography that were submitted for adjudication were accepted, produced and performed at the festival.
Senior Adia Hollist’s work, "Written in Stone", was performed in the guest artist showcase – a  student choreographed performance of the evening. Senior Kimberly Orozco’s work, "Drifting", was recognized as runner-up for Outstanding Student Choreographer in the Midwest Region of the United States. Finally, ten of the students were given the opportunity to audition for acceptance into summer intensive and college/university programs. The Blake students receive numerous acceptance and scholarship at this audition.
Summary written by the Senior Choreographer at Howard W. Blake High School:
For the past year, my fellow choreographers and I have been utilizing several choreographic devices, composition structures, musicality and analyzing skills  we learned while being a dancer in the Howard W. Blake Dance Department to compose choreographic works. This past semester we were require to write a research paper on a chosen topic of interest.  Each choreographer will be illustrating their open ended research topic through the form of movement.   We are producing  a full length dance concert  under the guidance of Mrs. Rayl-McCormick and Albena Arnaudova.  This opportunity provides us with a real-world experience.  Not only have we been working on creating pieces worth remembering, countless hours of research has aided us in this project. This experience has been a tool devoted to aiding our artistic growth in the  field of dance.  As this process comes to an end, the tools  given further assist us as we enter a new chapter of our lives.  Embark on this journey with us as we present, "Harmonious Epilogue".

"Harmonious Epilogue" is on May 5, 2017 at 7:00p.m. in the Don Thompson Theater at Howard W. Blake High School. 

Tickets for the concert are not sold online, but can be purchased at the box office 1 hour prior to the dance concert.