Drama, excitement and humor are all elements that filmmakers use to tell a story and make a great cinema. But have you ever wondered what motivates a filmmaker to create a film?

TBAE ‘s original series Filmmaker’s Spotlight takes audiences behind the scene and provides a glimpse into the creative mind of the filmmakers featured at the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF). This Telly award-winning series explores the filmmaker’s inspiration and the creative process used to write and produce their independent films. In each episode host, Landon Green talks in-depth with filmmakers regarding their artistic vision, the film’s message and any current trends that inspired the story.

The 2017 Filmmaker Spotlight series profiles eight of the top films and the filmmaker from this year’s GIFF. This year series features the work of:

  • Beneath the Crown, Susan Gallagher
  • The Music Box, Sarah Howard & Ryan Seybold
  • The Courthouse Dog, Joshua Santos & Ronna Kennedy
  • Legacy Letters, Tyler Council
  • Deposition, Carrie Drazek & Tom Parnell
  • Friday the 14th, Lucas Omar
  • The Closet, Fred Smith
  • Tiny Bacteria, Victoria Jorgensen
  • Turtle Tale, Luc Campeau
  • The Lost Digit, Garrett Brown

The series will also include a collection of short episodes local high school students participating in the Suncoast Credit Union School Film Competition.

Sean Phillips, Howard W. Blake High School Television and Digital Cinema Instructor, worked closely with TBAE to showcase the phenomenal work of the school’s students. The compilation of short films from Howard W. Blake High School and other schools across the Tampa Bay area include:

  • Howard W. Blake High School
    • A Period Piece, Ethan Huggins
    • Manic, Jacob Blintz & Shayla Sullivan
    • Restart, Jacob Ulintz, Shane Theobald & Owen Teague
    • The Impact of the Arts, Maddie Glas, Briana Flouro & Rayah Doniger
    • Idiot Button, Frankie McCarty-Brown & Zyien Turner
    • Safe Place, Maddie Glas & Briana Flouro
  • George D. Chamberlain High
    • Get Out, Josue Camacho & Daniel Giron
    • One Last Time, Josue Camacho & Daniel Giron
  • Spoto High School
    • Dr. Hill, Kaleb Rhodes

The 2017 Filmmaker Spotlight series will begin airing fall 2017 on Charter Spectrum channel 635 and Frontier FIOS channel 32.

Visit the Gasparilla International Film Festival website to learn more about the independent films featured at the 2017 festival.