TBAE Network and ManaSota Films have joined forces!

Both organizations have come together to provide a new and exciting platform to showcase local independent filmmakers and writers.  With the shared mission to provide the Tampa Bay Area the opportunity to connect to local artist, the collaboration between TBAE and ManaSota Films will prove to be a partnership of passion.  As the vibrant Tampa Bay art scene continues to grow, so to does its neighboring cities, such as Sarasota and Orlando.

Scott Maiden, Chief Executive Officer of TBAE and Mark Troy, founder of ManaSota Films, both share a vision and passion to support local artist in the community.  The combined partnership between TBAE and ManaSota Films will allow viewers of Tampa Bay to see the work of the filmmakers of the community and surrounding areas.

There has never been a more exciting time in the Tampa Bay Area for the creative arts.  The collaboration will ensure that this moment in Tampa Bay history will not lose momentum;however, it will propel the slumbering creative arts scene into the future.