Tampa Bay steps up and supports local non-profits such as TBAE Network.

Tampa, FL - (May 6th, 2015) The 24-hour online giving day was succuss for TBAE. We received over 28 gifts and raised $1,025. It is so inspiring when we receive a gift from a generous, long-time supporter that allows us to say "yes" to making television with meaning, good television that enlarges our minds. And we get even MORE excited when someone new comes on board and wants to begin their journey of supporting a television station that helps make a positive difference in our world. 

On behalf of TBAE Network, the Board of Directors, and staff we would like to thank the following supporters:

Katherine Cunningham
Jeffrey Blanchard
Charles Mann
Ann Goldenberg
Jessica Sturges
Maryellin Territo
Meredith Tupper
Kimberly Finn
Debbi Stone
Jeremiah Wallace
Carmen Alvarez
Sal Territo
Thomas Flynn
David Harrison
Jason Rainer
Perry Cole
John kelly
Herman Jew
Max Goldenberg
Marianne Blanchard
Lance Goldenberg
Kay Rizzo
Glenda Maiden
Vincent Jones


Here are a few examples of how your gift is making a difference in the lives the young and the young-at-heart:

·      Now airing: TBAE’s original series 2015 Tide Talks. We can preserve Tampa Bay in all of its aquatic beauty, but only if we know what is going on.  

·      Coming this Fall: GIFF: Filmmakers Edition will show you the films and filmmakers from the 2014 Gasparilla International Film Festival.  We want to build a film community here and this is just the beginning.  

·      Also coming this Fall: TBAE”s newest series Florida: Space in History. One of the greatest adventures ever and it lifted off from Florida!

More than ever people need high quality sources of local news, entertainment, education, and information.  Because of you, TBAE Network’s important media services will continue to be available, requiring only a desire to learn.

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