If you love the ocean, you'll love Jonathan Bird's New Season into the blue world all summer long on TBAE. 

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World is an educational family-oriented underwater adventure series hosted by dynamic naturalist and underwater photographer Jonathan Bird. It is co-produced by Jonathan Bird Productions and the non-profit organization Oceanic Research Group. Each half-hour television episode consists of three separate segments running 5-11 minutes in length. Segments encompass a variety of subjects, including stories about animals, marine research and researchers, underwater exploration and recent discoveries. The stories always have an underwater theme and feature stunning underwater photography.

Jonathan Bird's Blue World is also closed captioned for the hearing impaired.


Jonathan Bird's Blue World Television Schedule on TBAE

6/3 9:00 PM    Sea Snakes an Manata Rays
6/10 9:00 PM Bull Sharks and Astronauts
6/17 9:00 PM Monk Seals, Wounded Warriors and Counting Fish
6/24 9:00 PM Artificial Reefs and Free Diving
7/1 9:00 PM Sturgeon and the Coral Farm
7/8 9:00 PM Belugas, Cousteau's Blue Hole and Spinner Dolphins
7/15 9:00 PM Aquarius Reef Base, Skates and Rays
7/22 9:00 PM Stargate Blue Hole and Sponges
7/29 9:00 PM Whitetip Reef sharks, Kelp Forest and St. Lawrence Wrecks
5/31  9:00 PM Blackbeard's Shipwreck and Night Mantas
8/5 9:00 PM Invasive Species and Deep Sea Exploration


For more information on Jonathan Bird's Blue World please visit blueworldtv.com