If you're a filmmaker or film lover of any kind, Hollywood Makeover has tips and tricks for you.  Join TBAE every Thursday at 9:00 pm this summer.

The advent of digital photography, digital editing and digital platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and online film festivals have opened up independent filmmaking to more people than at any previous time in history.

No longer does a filmmaker need expensive 35mm stock, developing costs, high-end film cameras and an expensive offline editing system. Camera systems are available for less than five-thousand dollars and editing software for as little as one-thousand dollars, combined with a ready stream of available talent and prime filming locations, filmmaking as we once knew it has undergone a huge metamorphosis.

However, the producers recognize - not everyone can afford to go to the top-end film schools in NYC, Chicago, and LA so like any new experience or career, young filmmakers/film lovers are looking for solid advice on how to take their dreams and put wings on them.

Hollywood Makeover suits that unique niche of filmmaker/film lover with solid advice on everything from craft services to proper lighting. Boat Angel Family Films, the production company behind Hollywood Makeover, includes five of their award-winning independent films that serve as the backdrops giving concrete live examples of what to do and what not to do when you're making an independent film.

For more information on Boat Angel Family Films please visit hollywoodmakeover.tv