Maps were as valuable as rifles and cannons in the Civil War. This series examines the civilian and military maps, charts and other visual media in use during the American Civil War.


The American public and military , North and South, were hungry for information as they struggled to understand a conflict greater than any experience in their history.


Ross Lamoreaux has expertise in the Civil War and he guides you through that time period so you leave understanding and appreciating the maps, mapmakers, and the generals who used them.


For the last 15 years, Lamoreaux has been an historian who does reenactments of the Civil War and also of the DADE Battle, which is his favorite. The DADE Battle is a Seminole War event near Bushnell. Lamoreaux said that he also makes public appearances at the Hillsborough Public Library, and State & National Parks.

“A fun fact about me is that I sew all of my costumes. It all started when I was in Boy Scouts. My mom was sick of sewing my patches on my uniform, so I started doing it. Today, I sew more than just patches, I sew my entire costume from head to toe,” said Lamoreaux.