TBAE Network welcomes the Lynx Boat to Tampa Bay. The Lynx, a 1812 replica, will sail its way into the harbor. 


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The Lynx has been docked at the Harborage Marina at 1110 Third Street South, St. Petersburg, and is open for tours. The ship offers daily tours and two-hour sailings.

Ages 4 and up only. Children ages 4-12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Reservations are required. To purchase your Sailaway Tickets click on the 'Buy Tickets Now!' links below or call The Lynx Educational Foundation. Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PST at: 866-446-5969. Please arrive at ship 30 minutes prior to departure.

All ages. Children 12 & under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
No reservations required. Tickets are valid anytime during the posted ship tour times.
Ship tours are subject to closure during school educational programs.

The amazing piece of craftmenship will remain in St.Petersburg until Monday, February 17th, 2014, then it will set sail into Tampa Bay. So go see this wonderful vessel as it leaves the area on Thursday March 13 and heads south towards Ft. Myers Beach. 

The creation of Lynx embraces eternal truths: passion, sacrifice, perseverance, honor and courage. All of these emotions gave her a soul long before she tasted her first saltwater. At sea, Lynx is the legacy of her creators: the thinkers, the designers, the builders, and most important, the dreamers.