Ross Lamoreaux goes further in depth with the Western Theater: Anvil of Victory and Maps to Reunion in this series at Tampa's History Center. 


Less covered by the period press, or historians since, the Western Theater is where the Civil War was won, and lost. The U.S. Navy's ironclad river aquadrons, with armies of western Federals, fought their way into the western Confederate states, and seized control of the Mississippi, splitting the south. Then these victorious Unionists invaded Georgia to strike at the industrial heart of the Confederacy.


By January 1865, the Civil War was all but over, with Lee's army effectively besieged at Petersburg, south of Richmond and Sherman ready to invade north through the Carolinas. But there was much bitter fighting to come. Lamoreaux guides you through the destructive tack of Sherman's "bummers" through South Carolina while Lee and Grant struggle and fight in battles that prefigure WW1's trench warfare. 


Biography for Ross Lamoreaux:

Ross is an Indiana native, but has spent the majority of his life in Florida. After graduating from Brandon High School, he entered the Army Reserve and attended Georgia Military College.

While in college in Milledgeville, Georgia (the capitol of Georgia before and during the Civil War), he developed a deeper scholastic interest in the events of the war, and broadened his interest in all aspects of 19th century history.

He has worked in a historical capacity at Cracker Country at the Florida State Fairgrounds and the Tampa Bay History Center, where he currently works dual roles in facility maintenance and historical interpreter. He has presented historical displays and talks in many places to include Hillsborough County Schools, county, state, and national parks, has been on the board of directors for the Dade Battlefield Society, and is a member of the Company of Military Historians.

His wife Amber and step daughter Abigail are also into history, having met at a History Center reenacting event.