Victoria Jorgensen will be covering this years Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF) for TBAE Network.

Victoria Jorgensen, an award winning Tampa based filmmaker, writer and film festival organizer, will be representing TBAE at the GIFF.  Her films have shown at festivals around the world including a three woman show, Formato, at Museu da Imagem R Do Som, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jorgensen is a long standing supporter of the TBAE Network. She remains involved by supporting TBAE’s mission. “TBAE Network uses the power of TV for good. Video is the most engaging medium today,” explains Jorgensen.

When she is not involved with TBAE Network, she is the owner of “A Media Marketing”, a marketing firm that offers video production, social media management & training, website solutions, and print.

At this years’ GIFF, Jorgensen will be recording interviews of a few local producers and directors, as well as talent interviews. She will be getting the scoop ahead of their film showings, so be sure to check Facebook! Jorgensen will also be interviewing on the spot audience members, as well as general crowd scenes.

As a filmmaker herself, Jorgensen is excited and eager to speak with fellow producers and directors. Her knowledge of the business will most certainly provide an inside for TBAE NETWORK.