The truth behind a multi-billion dollar industry is told in these two documentary films, "It's in the Game" and "FRAG".

Saturday, March 19th:

At 8:00pm: “It’s in the Game” (2008)

This first time feature filmmaker takes an up close and personal look at the multi billion dollar video game industry. Beginning with its history, "It's In The Game" exposes the questionable marketing tactics, quality of life issues and class action lawsuits filed against the world's leading video game publisher, Electronic Arts.

Video games have become multi-billion dollar profit machines in the 21st century. A recent study by the Entertainment Software Association found that $73 million in high definition television sales (HDTV) can be directly attributed to sales of the Xbox 360. 

In comparison, the videogame Halo 2 made $120 million dollars on its first day in stores, and Halo 3 pre sold over a million copies before the game was even released. Moreover, with the average "gamer" being 33 years old, it is safe to say that the video game industry is no longer "child's play". However, there comes a price with such a rapidly growing industry. Game developers are facing many hurdles to get these games out on the shelves, and quality of life issues for employees have begun to come under fire. 80 hour work weeks, forced overtime with no compensation, and being fired without cause, are just some of the problems being faced by the industry.

This breakthrough documentary will take you behind the scenes, to explore the history, production and labor issues at stake in this next generation of entertainment. 



At 9:30pm: “FRAG” (2008)

The true story of professional video gaming. Almost everyone in the world has played a video game, but some kids do it for a living. FRAG shed light on the struggles that kids face while trying to break into and maintain success in pro gaming. At a young age, they are faced with making adult decisions that impact the rest of their lives.

Below the surface of a simple game is an underbelly of corruption, money, drugs, and even death. Exploited, abused, and abandoned, most gamers fail to reach the top, but like all sports, there are heroes, FRAG pulls the curtain back on the biggest sport industry in the that you know nothing about.