Each day will feature themed programming making it easy to find your favorite programs.



History & Humanities

8:00 PM - In Focus 
8:30 PM - Global 3000 
9:00 PM - The Folklorist 
9:30 PM - ViewChange 
10:00 PM - Closer to Truth



Mondays will feature programs focusing on history and humanities.  Emmy Award winning series, The Folklorist and Closer to Truth will also appear on Mondays.


HCSB Meetings, Adult Learning & Spanish Language

8:00 PM - Math Homework Hotline Replay

9:00 PM - Europa Semanal

9:30 PM - Global 3000 Spanish

10:00 PM - Vision Futuro

10:30 PM - Cultura 21


Tuesdays and Sundays are devoted to keeping you up-to-date with the School District of Hillsborough County. You can catch all LIVE Hillsborough County School Board Meetings here and replays as well. In addition, Tuesdays and Sundays will also feature programming dedicated to adult education, for those needing a little help in their quest for a GED and the most cutting edge DW Progams in spanish.


Science & Technology

8:00 PM - Tomorrow Today 
8:30 PM - Ecopia
9:00 PM - Green by Design
9:30 PM - Living Green
10:00 PM - Habitable Planet
10:30 PM - Econews


Wednesdays are all about science and technology on TBAE with a special emphasis on Florida ecology and environmental science. Tomorrow Today starts of the evening with a science magazine for Germany’s DW Network.


Arts & Music

8:00 PM - Arts 21
8:30 PM - Art Through Time
9:00 PM - Art of the Western World
10:00 PM - National Gallery of Art
10:30 PM - Arts Alive


Fine Arts take center stage on TBAE on Thursdays. Tune in for another great new series, Art Through Time, which examines themes connecting works of art created around the world in different eras. Arts 21 takes you an a weekly whirlwind tour of the European art scene and Arts Alive showcases some of America's exceptional contemporary dance talent.


Creative Passions

8:00 PM - Alternate Root TV
9:00 PM - Tail Fins & Chrome
10:00 PM - Tracing Your Family Roots
10:30 PM - Take it to the Auction


Fridays are for creative passions on TBAE with two new creative series designed to inspire and entertain. Tail Fins and Chrome is about the human interest side of classic car collecting and restoration. Tracing your family roots.


Cinematography & Film

8:00 PM


The lights go down for cinema every TBAE on Saturdays. Tune in each week for enlightening programs on cinema such as The Directors and American Cinema. In addition, local film critic Lance Goldenberg will be rejoining TBAE soon on Saturdays to introduce and highlight a significant classic film each week. Then at ten, stay funded for some films from the funkier and stranger side of cinema.  We have some real treats in store for Saturdays in 2014, stay tuned!