Local Filmmakers love Tampa!

Written by Alicia Naspretto

Decemeber 7th, 2015

Tampa, Fl - The Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival is an annual event is one of many in the area that gives local filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work and offers a large number of awards for films submitted.The support for local filmmakers is high in Tampa Bay, which is home to a large number of other film festivals including the Gasparilla Film Festival, Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and many more. Many filmmakers take advantage of submitting their films to more than one festival, giving the public the opportunity to watch their films multiple times. 

Attending a Tampa film festival is something that no Bay area resident should miss. "There is so much creativity around here," director and a writer of 'Reset', Domonic Smith, said.  "A lot of people always complain about Hollywood regurgitating everything right now, that's why you should support local and indie filmmaking if you want a taste of something that is not being sugarcoated or washed out by big producers. It's very raw."  

"I think it is important for everybody to support [local filmmakers],"  said David Melendez, producer of 'Mombie' and 'Rat Catching'.  "It just brings people together and it helps local business."  Melendrez has been featured in a number of film festivals, including the Gasparilla Film Festival earlier this year.  
"At festivals, I don't really judge anybody else's movies," he added. "I get really proud of people when they finish a movie because I know personally how difficult it is."
If you missed the festival or would like to support more local filmmakers, the next film festival in Tampa Bay is Gasparilla from March 30th through April 3rd 2016. Or If you are a filmmaker yourself or know of a filmmaker and want to submit to TBAE network, visit http://www.tbae.net/programs/item/398-tbae-s-film-showcase-entry for more information.