The students of Ringling College Art + Design are hard at work, preparing their senior thesis films that will showcase all that they have learned in their computer animation program. This amazing art form truly brings characters to life through innovative story telling techniques.

The Computer Animation program at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida is recognized as being among the best and most innovative visual arts colleges in the United States as well as a leader in the use of technology in the arts. TBAE partners with Ringling to help expose the new raw talent that comes out of this great college.  TBAE is proud to present you the best animations from Ringling College every Saturday in December at 8 PM .  This week will highlight the best animation films from the Class of 2009 and 2010.  You won't want to miss this!

Animation Line-up for December 12th:

2009: "Anchored" a film by Lindsey Olivares

2009: "Cadillac 59" a film by Hamilton Lewis

2009: "Cat's Meow" a film by Jorge Garcia
Struggling over a hat, a kitty-cat and her beatnik

2009: "Deng Long" a film by Yuheng Chiang
An adorable little Asian shopkeep fights a losing battle trying to light the pair of lamps outside his establishment.

2009: "Dim Sum" a film by Jim Kum

2009: "Frank-N-Brains" a film by Mike Hollander
Frankenstein on a blind date

2009: "Gemini" a film by Marc Yates

2009: "Gretel Hanzel" a film by Gianna Ruggiero
A modern retelling/take of the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

2009: "Heavenly Appeals" a film by David Lisbe
A funny cartoon about a good demon who is appealing his sentence of eternity in hell. He's just outside the gates of heaven but still has to deal with a fat angel to prove his worth.

2009: "Hit and Run" a film by Greg Peltz and Alex Marino

2009: "The Homefront" a film by RYan Rasmussen

2009: "The Monster" a film by Andreas Theodorou

2009: "Nuri" a film by Kendra Vander Vliet
On a cold winter night, a lovable little boy embarks on a mission and encounters baby stars in need of a home. Join them in this magical winter story of the discovery and courage of a young boy’s heart. Will he find the strength within to do the impossible?

2009: "On The Level" a film by Michael Rutter
All Bean Maxwell wants is for the picture on his foyer wall to hang level. But will his dedication to the little details cause him to lose sight of the bigger picture?

2009: "Oxygen" a film by Christopher Hendryx
Learn a little bit of basic chemistry while watching Oxygen try to make friends in Element-ary school.

2009: "This Side Up" a film by Liron Topaz
A naive music-lover's patience is tested on his quest to download music online, as his perspective on technology completely changes.

2009: "Wild Dogs" a film by Cat Hicks

2010: "A Cloudy Lesson" a film by Yezi Xue
Enjoy this timeless and cloudy tradition passed down from grandfather to grandson ending with a wonderfully warm twist of creativity.

2010: "Cheap Shot" a film by Beavan Blocker

2010: "Cooler Self'" a film by Ozan Basaldi
A little nerd who always get beat up wants to be like one of the cool kids at school. But will he be able to give up who he is in order to become one of cooler cats...

2010: "Departure of Love" a film by Jenna Bors
Inspired by the silent film comedy of Buster Keaton and the 1920's.

2010: "Dilla" a film by Michael Klim, Stanley Moore, Dominic Pallotta, and Michael Sauls
An armadillo lives in a perfect world that is threatened when a hunter enters the scene.

2010: "Fairy Cake" a film by Nillah Magruder

2010: "Flip" a film by Jill Hackett

2010: "Good Bot, Bad Bot" 
a film by Nick Mathews and Marcus Ng

"Good, The Bad, and the Rex" a film by Allen Zaborski

2010: "In Dangered Species" a film by Matt Killian

2010: "Monk and the Monkey" a film by Brendan Carroll and Francesco Giroldini

2010: "No Soliciting" a film by Bohdon Sayre

2010: "Pollo" a film by Juan Castaneda

2010: "Reneissance Man"

2010: "Stranded" a film by Ted Thelen

2010: "Tale of Tailor" a film by Sandra Pavulaan

2010: "Till the Cows Come Home" a film by Megan Deane