Steelpans are musical instruments originating from Trinidad and Tobago during the 1930’s.

This Saturday, September 27th, enjoy three wonderful films that explore a fusion of culture.

"Breaking Barriers"

Breaking Barriers" focuses on the work of Internationally renowned musician and composer Dr. Mungal Patasar. The work of Dr. Patasar and his band tangibly expresses the ideal of Trinidad and Tobago's National Anthem "Where every creed and race finds an equal place---".

The band features as its core the national instrument --steelpan and the ancient Sitar. Mungal composes most of the music played by this band. Other band members also compose some of the songs.

“In the Panyard”

“In the Panyard” is a documentary about Keli Ross-Ma’u’s musical journey as he studies and performs with the Pamberi Steel Orchestra in Trinidad, the birthplace of the steel pan. This documentary gives an insider's experience of playing the steel pan in Trinidad, and discovers the community bond that is created through music in the Panyard.


This short documentary was directed by Nawaz Ameen, who states "There is a thin line between desire for the one you love and the Jalebi you crave!"