You've seen them on the beach.  Found their molts on the shore. Are they really crabs?  Find out more this Wednesday at 8 PM on TBAE.

No, actually they are related to spiders.  Join Dr. Jane Brockmann on this week's episode of Evening Tide Talks at The Florida Aquarium as she reveals the fascinating world of the American Horseshoe Crab. This is a species is considered a living fossil and has seen the dinosaurs come and go and their blood is a valuable tool in biomedicine. Their eyes have revealed how visual systems work, and they provide a critical food source for endangered species.

Dr Jane Brockmann has been researching these mosaic creatures for over 25 years and you won't want to miss her lecture on the world's most intensely studied marine invertebrates, crucial to our comprehension of various organisms, both modern and extinct, and pivotal to the ecology of vast estuaries such as the Delaware Bay. This episode illustrates the horseshoe crab's behavior, natural history, and ecology; its anatomy, physiology, distribution, development, and life cycle; the puzzle of its immune system; and its present management and future conservation. 

This Wednesday, APRIL 20th at 8:00 PM only on TBAE, Brighthouse 635 & Frontier 32.