Dr. Wallace “Wally” Reyes, Ybor City historian and Mario discusses historical buildings, people and culture. 

A native of Puerto Rico, Dr. Wally Reyes is a fourth-generation cigar maker and is even in the Guiness World Records for creating the longest cigar.  

He is also the author of “Once Upon a Time in Tampa ... Rise and fall of the cigar industry,” and "Cigar City Architecutre and Legacy..."  His books are available in English and Spanish, in paperback and digital format.

In today's episode of The Tampa Natives Show topics discussed were Don Vincente Martinez Ybor and his industrial town, Don Eduardo Manrara, "The Man History Forgot" and his importance to Ybor City development and much more.  

Reyes presents history with a sense of passion and duty! With so much to talk about and so little time, Dr. Wally Reyes will definitely be a repeat guest on The Tampa Natives Show.

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