STEM education goes to the next level in STEAM Ahead.

Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network (TBAE), Hillsborough County Public School System, MOSI, the Florida Aquarium and the Tampa Bay STEM Network are proud to introduce STEAM Ahead, a new and exciting program that takes STEM education one step further. While most students and parents have heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), many have never heard of STEAM. Educators who champion STEAM believe that creativity and innovation are important components of success in technical fields. STEAM puts a new twist on STEM curriculum by incorporating the study of Art education, which encourages imagination and ingenuity. 

Each episode of STEAM Ahead showcases the next generation of critical thinkers in the community with the assistance of Steamer, the robot host. The program features Hillsborough County students, grades K-12, who are learning and creating the latest advances in science and technology through various events and competitions. HCPS STEM Education Director, Larry Plank, the leader in STEM in our community, guides viewers through each episode to further explain all that is STEM. 

Here is a list of the episodes that will be featured on the program:

Episode 1 Mission: Tampa Bay- Girls from underprivileged backgrounds design, build, and deploy real underwater robots in a breakthrough education program WATCH FULL EPISODE 

Episode 2 Hillsborough County STEM fair- Involves 1,500 projects from the brightest K-12 Hillsborough students in over 190 public, private, charter, home, and virtual schools.

Episode 3 Field day at Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Stay tuned because we have more episodes coming to you soon!